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Hello SLK Lovers

I purchased my beautiful SLK 200 (2008 upgrade) in November 2014.

Much to my disappointment, I have just discovered that I have a cracked right front fog lamp. The light still works. (thank-you MR Kangaroo)

After a few phone calls, the unit as quoted by MB costs $525 plus $100 installation!!! WOW:frown:

I bought the car from NSW and I live in the ACT. Soooooooooooooo I'm about to get a road worthy cert to transfer to Canberra (even though it was purchased with a roadworthy cert)

Problem is, the inspectors will not pass the inspection with the cracked lens? what the?? can anyone suggest an after marked website, that wont cost an arm and a leg to buy the new unit. Hubby suggested that I remove the front fog lamps, have it passed and then put them back on (only until I get it replaced)

Any suggestions?

Thanking you all in advance
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