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As they say, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and the unlucky owner of a white Range Rover got to find that out on his own, the hard way.

A video shot last weekend in Homestead, Florida, which has since attained near-viral status, shows a woman taking all her fury out on a car stopped by the side of the road. Her own car, a red Toyota, is parked on the pavement by the side of the road, so we could assume she followed the vehicle she’s now destroying so she could seek vengeance.

“I was driving my father to the assisted living facility which is close by where this happened and I saw a woman destroying a car with a hammer, I started recording right away,” the caption of the video reads, as posted by Viral Hog.

The strange part is that there’s no driver in sight. Despite the presence of plenty of eyewitnesses, all of them holding cameras that are either recording or doing live transmissions, the woman is undeterred. She uses both a hammer and a can of black spray to destroy the SUV, both on the inside and out.

Several times, she shows signs that she’s done, but each time she comes back even more furious. By the time she really is done, she’s already yelled profanities at passersby and the men who are filming her (but doing nothing to stop her), and the Range Rover has all windows busted, the headlights, doors, and the inside is covered in black graffiti spray.

As the woman is about to leave in her own car, two police cruisers arrive, one after the other. Cops take her in without incident, which, again, is rather strange considering how furious and aggressive she was just moments before. The show is over – and still no sign of the Range Rover driver / owner.

Here’s this Florida lady playing into the angry-woman-smashing-cheating-lover’s-car stereotype.

you can find the video on viral hog due to language :wink:
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