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It happened in Florida (of course!) the other day, Crime Online reports. Linda Sue Morgan, 55, from Gulfport, dialed 911 after her brother parked his car in her driveway and it started leaking oil. Morgan was upset that he wouldn’t listen to her and move the car so she could clean the stain.

She wrongly assumed that she could call the cops and have them remove the car. She was probably thinking that, since the driveway was her property, the police could intervene to get her brother’s car out of there.

She was wrong. “There was no emergency or any situation that constituted an emergency,” a Gulfport Police affidavit of the incident states.

In the end, it was the woman who walked away in handcuffs: she was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on the charge of making a false 911 call, and released the next day on a $150 bond. As it turns out, she has a history of legal trouble, including arrests for criminal mischief, battery, trespassing, having a vicious dog, reckless driving, and resisting an officer without violence.

A similar incident happened in Berchtesgade, Germany, when a woman called the cops to report that her husband had been murdered. When the officers arrived at her home, she indicated that she actually wanted a car that had parked illegally in her driveway towed, so she lied about the murder to get them there quicker.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this female caller was drunk when she came up with this brilliant plan. Police arrested and charged her with making a false police call.
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