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Service Shop: Motronix, Inc.
Location: 1910 Tigertail Blvd., Dania, FL 33004
Contact: David Baker, Owner
Phone: 954-921-7442 - Fax: 954-922-1727
Email: [email protected]

Specializing in Mercedes-Benz & BMW automobiles.

This is the shop I had my sport suspension installed in. They do a WONDERFUL, AMAZING job, and more importantly, have earned my complete trust in the work that they do.

I cannot tell you how much higher I have to recommend a shop that makes a mistake, immediately notifies you of the mistake and the steps they are taking to fix it. It means more to me then a shop that never seems to have made a mistake.

One of the technicians accidentally stripped the threads on the rebound rod on one of the shocks I gave them to put on. My parents met in a repair shop, Mom worked in parts, Dad was a mechanic. I know these things can happen under the BEST of circumstances. We are all fallable humans, and sometimes things happen, you cannot have perfection all the time.

What price can you put on complete honesty? Can you name a mechanic and shop you can really, I MEAN REALLY, completely trust to tell you the truth no matter how it makes them look?

Independently I have met up with people at the Porsche events who swear by David and Motronix. It is a repair shop you can take your car to, and when they tell you it's fixed, it is race track tight, nothing will go wrong, surely fixed!

When my factory warranty runs out, you can be sure of where my car will be going.

Oh one more thing. After the replacement shock was put on I noticed the steering feel went numb like it felt with the non-sport suspension. It seems Mercedes now substitutes a "better" replacement part for the sport shock, and they sent him the different one, which looks exactly the same as the original sport shock.

David, amazingly, went above and beyond, AGAIN! First off he spent a couple of days trying to find "new, old-stock" of the shock, even trying to get one from a warehouse in Puerto Rico that said they had it. After that turned bust, he sent out the thread damaged original sport shock to a high end metalurgist and had the threads repaired to meet Mercedes' specifications.

He took the car back in, took the new shock he bought out, and put the fixed one in to make sure I was happy with the total package. How is THAT for going the extra mile for making a customer COMPLETLEY satisfied?

Motronix, is such a rare shop. Completely honest and trustworthy, they take such pride in their work, they treat your car like you would—like an obsessed fanatic!

Now, I wonder how he feels about Cadillacs!

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MX help

Now that is exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks Racer.

I read the Motronix website, every bit. I want to work there. The place sounds awesome.

Not that I want to make repairs already on my car, but the cars next MX schedule will be done there.
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