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It happened in Kissimmee, Florida, last week, when said driver experienced some kind of medical emergency and lost control of his car. The van steered off the road and onto the grass, and eventually came to a full stop in the house owned by Carmen Roman, Fox 35 reports.

Available at the bottom of the page is the Fox 35 report, which includes surveillance video with the actual moment of the crash.

Roman was at home at the time, so she was startled by the loud noise. She thought that someone had parked their car in her house, she tells the same media outlet. She came out and checked on the driver, and saw that he was completely unresponsive.

“He has no pulse, no heartbeat,” Roman says. That’s when her years of training kicked in and she began chest compressions.

“I gave him 30 compressions. A couple of seconds after he came back alive,” Roman explains. “It feels awesome. My kids are so proud, they’re like ‘momma’s a hero!’ If I’m in the moment, and I know I can do something, I will react. Like I said, I just love to help people.”

Roman says the damage to her house from where the car smashed into it is considerable, with insulation falling off into her bathroom. However, in addition to being happy that she was able to save the man’s life, she is happy that her kids weren’t in the bathroom when the car came crashing into the other side.

The report doesn’t say what caused the accident or whether the driver will be facing charges for it, and neither does it mention the current condition of the man.

Nurse helps save driver who crashed into her home - Story | WOFL
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