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Speaking of poorly – and totally illegal – secured loads, here’s Florida man at his best: a new video that’s making the rounds online shows a driver using another man, probably a friend, to secure a load on his trailer.

Needless to say, this is not the type of stuff you ever want to try on your own. The video is available at the bottom of the page, with Viral Hog saying it occurred on July 7 in Miami, Florida.

It’s shot by a motorist traveling behind the van dragging the trailer, barely able to contain his laughter about this novel idea of securing loads on trailers. And he has every reason to be amused, as you can see for yourself: there’s a dude standing on it, striving to maintain his balance, while holding on to the piled boxes.

“My girlfriend, daughter and I were on our way back from Supercon and we saw this man holding down a load on a trailer at 70 mph,” the description of the video reads.

It’s unknown whether the dude ever made it to the destination alright, or for that matter, if whoever shot the video reported the incident to the police. If he didn’t, he should have: police urge all drivers and passengers to call 911 whenever they notice reckless behavior on the road, whatever that might mean.

Police also say motorists shouldn’t follow or try to stop those on whom they observe the reckless behavior, but if they’re able to obtain visual proof of the deed, it would be ideal. In other words, make a video, have your fun, but make sure to call 911 as soon as you can. Preferably not when you’re still driving, because that’s illegal and dangerous, too.

Because it could be that next time whatever made you laugh ends in tragedy.
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