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2002 230SLK-
My roof was weird then died. It took me DAYS to check every switch, wire and solenoid, cable, hook, pin etc. These are the weird ones.
Note before you start: if you have to move anything hydraulically controlled manually (like to check mechanisms., be sure to crack open the release valve on the pump in the trunk (see manual). Otherwise the excess pressure will kill seals, either in the pump, the hydraulic fittings, or the solenoids. Please try the more common problems before getting to these, as they are kind of oddball.
1)roof don't want to go down, but tries. if you give the roof an upward bump from underneath it goes.
The folding hinge between the top of the roof and the windowglass has a cable that goes from the top forward roof locks to a hook
over a peg at the hinge, to hold the hinge solid. it gets sticky and does't want to release the hinge. Try greasing the hook's pivot,
or adjusting the cable under the forward headliner.
2 ) little windows won't roll up. The top forward switches on the roof, under the headliner aren't being triggered. Look for broken
wires where the roof folds INSIDE the otherwise perfectly fine looking wire tube. you can also jump the 2 pin connector inside
the trunk on the wheelwell right if you have the interior out to verify. In a jam, you can pull back the carpet below the
little windows and find the 2 prong connecter for the window motors, umplug and jump with 12v and ground to roll up.
3) roof won't do anything except flash the switch when you hold it. there is a switch, inside the plates where the right roof locks to
the metal above the windshield. there is a switch in it. it can test perfectly fine, but turn around and look at the post on the
roof that goes into it. It's a plastic covered metal thing. if some of the plastic is broken off, it won't go deep enough to trigger the
switch. I took my switch out and manipulated it to work with what is left of my peg, until I figure out how to make a metal sleeve
to replace the plastic. The pegs are not available except for replacing the whole mechanism at great cost. I doubt any plastic
available to me could withstand the rigors.
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