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2008 SLK55 AMG
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Receipt of the package

To try to see!

Cut the original line with a 1.6mm disc to promote rigidity during operation

The cutout must be 5 cm less than the X-Pipe for mounting

Clean the surfaces to be laid

A blank test

I opted for stainless steel collars less expensive than the sleeves so you have to make slits

Put the collars in place

The diameter of the necklace

Assembly, clean the end caps on the cat side

Put the X-Pipe in place with new 8.8 screws

Line up the collars but do not tighten them

The result

Installation of silencers:
Put paste on the fittings to prevent water leakage

Install one silencer then the other and remove the excess paste

Tighten the flanges on the cat's side, fit the silenblocs of the silencers and fit the stab bars

Adjusting the flange spacing

The result

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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