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The A-Class mid-life facelift was widely expected to be a minimal affair, after what Mercedes did with the with the B-Class tourer. Today, we can show you what changes are going to appear, thanks to a leaked photo of a pre-production car.

The most obvious change is the green body paint. It's a very unusual and bold choice, which will undoubtedly take center stage in the 2015 A-Class brochure. Hopefully, this will be accompanied by new alloy wheel options.

As you can see from this photo provided by German website Mercedes-Fans, this A-Class looks largely the same, but there are some visible differences. For example, the grille protrudes out more, and the lower bumper reminds us of the E-Class Coupe. However, the most interesting feature are the air vents at the side, which as exactly the same as they were on the Concept A-Klasse from 2011.

Around the back, we know that the exhaust tips have been integrated into the rear bumper to enable a cleaner design.

Upgraded LED headlights, taillights, keyless entry and active safety systems will all be borrowed from the B-Class facelift. A superior infotainment system will be optionally available while a Wi-Fi hotspot will help the baby Merc compete with the Audi A3. Unfortunately, there won't be that many changes under the bonnet because Mercedes wants to keep A-Class models between distinct power bands: 110 HP, 136 HP, 177 HP and 211 HP.

The regular A-Class models will be introduced this July. However, the A45 will debut closer to September's Frankfurt Motor Show. Because of the power race with Audi's RS3, the 2-liter turbo will be bumped from 360 to 380 PS.

The added oomph of the A45 AMG will result in faster 0 to 100 km/h times. Rumor has it that the aerodynamics and brakes will also be upgraded, making this the most hardcore 2-liter car around.

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