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First Mercedes, what should I do

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I just got a 2000 SLK 230 AMG SPORT,
should I change the oil, filters, etc, maybe take it in and have it looked over?
I do not have an owners manual yet
I do see a little wrench in the corner with a round clock above it in the 9 oclock position and next to the wrench it says -750 which i don't have a clue what that means yet.
plus if you turn your headlight switch to the left, i cant figure out why you would want one left or one right fog light on. Don't laugh, I am learning.
I did just buy some michelin pilots and ebc brakes with red stuff pads.
Any other little tricks or things i should know about.
I would love to get the automatic roof remote too. with a new grill and clean and clear headlights.
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woolly gave you a link to the manuals. check your other thread

we suggest a 'search' top right. all of your questions have believe it or not been asked and answered before.

since the car is german, when parked on the street, the street side
light' stays on to show other cars where it is parked.
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