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final word on speaker replacements

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Hi all.
Having searched both this site and the wider web, without any luck, I am having to resign myself to the fact that there are no aftermarket speakers to replace my OEM fronts. As a last try, is this correct? I was offered an install by Comand online, in the UK, using Focal, for £1400? A lot of money just to get a speaker upgrade, although I'm sure it would be cutting edge. This is the first car I have ever had, where there are no aftermarket alternatives, and I, along with others, am finding it very frustrating.
Please, someone, put me out of my misery and give me a workable replacement or upgrade....:crying:

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it is difficult but actually very simple. The speaker's size on this car is unique (8" woofer and 4"mid range). If you can get the stereo shops (any decent shop can do this) to fabricate a speaker adapter... you can put in any speaker you want....
Not many options really - it's not the diameter thats the problem, it's the mounting depth - just one of the quirks of the SLK I'm afraid

You might be lucky with Hertz Space 8's IF you can find them, Focal you've mentioned or the MB fitted Harmon Kardon drive units - I've used the HK ones and they are a good upgrade of the the stock speakers, and fit straight in.

Not an ideal car for sound mods, but if you're careful you can get a pretty decent sounding setup in there
Thanks all.
So Sean, do the HK's need an amp? I'm guessing they are available from the dealer? How much did you pay??? Do you know the mounting depth of the 8" speaker? I'll google that once I know....

All speakers need an amp of some sorts ...

All you're doing is replacing the drive units on the doors & other locations with HK branded speakers and driving them with your current headunit and / or amplifier that you may want to add.
The HK speakers will benefot from some extra 'oomph', and as most head units seem to kick out around 4 x 50w (and thy're not RMS watts either...), an additional amp will help no end ...

Anoher good reason to add a good amp is that the HK speakers have a lower impedance than the stock ones, and lower impedance speakers present a more difficult load for amps to deal with, so you need an amp thats good down to 2 ohms

The full HK system in the car (if you have that option) includes a HK amplifier, sound processor & crossover plus the head unit, CD changer, Sat radio etc etc
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