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The story with Renault that started with the arrest of their CEO Carlos Ghosn is a story that will make a great book or movie. It beats hand down the period when Porsches tried to buy Volkswagen in 2009 and this story was already quite a drama.

Now the latest news is that FIAT is backing off the deal because Renault is too slow to approve. Seriously Renault is taking its time to make the deal? The Renault share values are undervalued 10 billion EUR due to the Ghosn case. Of course Renault is taking its time to negotiate the merge, especially to merge with a car maker on the verge of collapse like FCA. Several analysts and shareholders were against the merge for this reason.

Just need to have a look at the car range of the FCA group. Only Maserati and Jeep are worth something and they are definitely not the future. All the rest is old technology (Dodge, Chrysler) or empty shell (FIAT, Alfa, Lancia).

European car makers have already lost the Middle East and African market to the Chinese. You find $5000 small sedan for sale there and even Dacia cannot compete. Stories like the deal FIAT/Renault are not over...
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