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When somebody restores a Ferrari F40, you can expect the heavens to open and offer you a private stretch of road. Alas, some restoration jobs are better executed than others and we're here to talk about one that that would've probably been better off uninitiated.

We're talking about the Ferrari F40 in these images (well... what's left of it), which has burned to the ground - the senior supercar was reportedly eaten alive by the flames on its first test drive following what is described as a full restoration.

The photos, which come from the Supercar Advocates Facebook page, don't bring any other details, but watching the F40 remains resting in what should be a Scrap Yard in the UK.

As if this wasn't enough, one of the pics shows a guy dressed in a servicing/roadside assistance uniform who is photographing the Prancing Horse badge on the nose of the toasted supercar while wearing an obvious smile on his face. Gues this man must be the biggest fan of the Porsche 959 - other than this, we couldn't find any logical explanation for his outrageous attitude.

Speaking of moods, any Ferrari fire has the potential to ruin one's day, but when we're talking about a machine such as the F40, the reasons to be sad are much more complex.

For one thing, Maranello only gifted the world with a little over 1,300 units of the late 80s halo car.

Then there's the twin-turbo madness of the thing. Pay close attention to any F40 hooning video and you'll understand there's no reason to doubt Ferrari's return to twin-turbo motivation.

In fact, since we won't want you to enter a bad mood due to these images, we've decided to even things out by reminding you of the Japanese F40 owner who likes to take his supercar camping... with snow chains.
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Some may feel little sympathy for anyone with enough money to own one of these suffering a loss.

Sure, Insurance may cover it, but to me it is a sad demise of a supercar.

As for the Japanese camper?

Spot on mate!
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