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Hi All,

Wanted to share my experience and give you all a heads up about what I discovered with a carbon fibre trim set I ordered for my SLK R170 from Cockpit Design in Germany.

First of all - be aware that the English website is not great English, is not complete, and does not give all the information you need to know about the trims available.

1. Cockpit Design's trims WILL NOT fit on the following OEM trims:


Even though the website states it will fit OEM trims - it will fit only on BLACK OEM trims. The website does not state (in German or English) that it will not fit the above OEM trims. Beware. I have this confirmed in writing from the owner.

2. Returns: on their website it explains (only in German) how you can return an item and explains in detail how it can be done within 14 days with no problem. This is not the case. In my experience, they will not give a full refund, even though I sent the item back the same day I received it.

I sent the item back mainly because it didn't fit very well - now I know why - and because I didn't like the quality.

After a few emails back and forth in which they refused to give a full refund, I decided it wasn't worth my time or money and told them to keep the trim and keep the money. Lesson learned.

So, if you have a black OEM trim, fill your boots! If not - and frankly, I'm not sure why you would want to change a black OEM dash trim anyway - steer clear.

Just doing my bit for the community. Have a fab weekend.
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