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Hi Everyone,
Just wondered what your favourite car related Youtube channels were.... These are some of my favourites.

'Teslabjorn'. As you can guess from the name he is a big fan of Tesla and other EVs. The reason I like the channel is for the road trips he does around Norway. Great scenery and great soundtracks and his commentary is amusing as well.

'Petrol Ped'. Lots of different car related content and even a review of an SLK55, R172. A great car enthusiast and nice guy building up a following on Youtube.

'Fezza'. Various different cars. Featuring Ford Focus RS, Ferrari 360 etc. Based in Spain. Fezza (Justin), I think does his videos for the fun of it sharing his ownership experience of various different cars.

'Harrys Garage'. Mainly features various different classic cars from his collection, but also reviews of newer cars and even one of his Tractor and Combine Harvester, surprisingly interesting.

Hope you enjoy them. :smile:

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Good question.
I immediately thought of Harry’s Garage and Petrol Peds but you had those ticked off so I looked at my subscription list ... and realised I watch far too much YouTube!

On my list are..
White details - for those who really want to know how to detail a car
Jay Leno - always entertaining
Hagerty - for some interesting American barn finds

Then of course there’s Doug DeMuro and more Doug DeMuro
Plus, if I want some trash tube, Hooves Garage and Tavarish.

Now... back to watching YouTube :wink:
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