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When Elvis Presley was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to serve in Germany, he happened to be at the height of his fame. Many tears were shed when he had to cut his hair and then leave for almost 2 years from the U.S. and the limelight, but at least that’s given something to hold onto to fans in Germany.

Between October 1958 and March 1960, The King served in Friedberg, near Frankfurt, Germany. He actually lived in nearby Bad Nauheim, which offers both cities the chance to honor him in their own way.

While stationed here, Elvis met the woman who would become his wife 7 years later, Priscilla. His connections to both cities run deep, in other words, and officials are using this to boost tourism in the area, whichever way they can.

The city of Friedberg opted for the introduction of customized traffic lights, which offer pedestrians / fans the opportunity to have Elvis tell them when it’s safe to cross or not. Deutsche Welle reports that it took the city 3 months to come up with the customized lights, which involved approvals from the police and working with a designer to come up with the right design for red and green.

The total cost of his Elvis tribute is estimated at €900 (approximately $1,000), the publication notes.

So, if you happen to pass through Friedberg, expect to see Elvis crooning at a microphone for the red light and the same Elvis doing one of his famous hip-swinging dance moves for the green light. German cities have been using customized traffic lights as early as the ‘80s, but fans in Friedberg have welcomed theirs with happiness.

“While Friedberg first switched on the new traffic lights [last] Wednesday, Bad Nauheim holds the ‘European Elvis Festival’ and is planning a bronze statue of him,” the same publication adds.
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