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Found this one on BAT.

For nearly 100 years now, Spa Francorchamps has been one of the fastest and most technically challenging race circuits in the world. Located in the hilly, verdant countryside of the Belgian Ardennes, the original 15-kilometer “triangle” track seen in this video was held on narrow public roads, with many off-camber, blind corners and essentially zero concessions to safety apart from the odd hay bale or two. Reaching nearly 200 MPH in cars with skinny, hard tires and no seat belts, leather-helmeted drivers contended with a multitude of deadly obstacles lining the circuit, including houses, telephone poles, barns, trees and fences, any of which were very likely to cause a massive explosion of volatile, exotic race fuels upon impact.

This wonderful 1955 footage highlights teammates Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel of their Mercedes W196 GP cars, fearsome twin-cam, fuel-injected, desmodromic straight-eight-powered beasts that would take the latter driver to his third (of five) world championships later that same year. The video features other greats including Mike Hawthorn and Giuseppe “Nino” Farina, as well as entertaining, informative and very clearly-enunciated narration by a British gentleman who probably smoked a pipe.

In addition to thrilling race footage and excellent sound, the roughly half-hour-long film also captures plenty of behind-the-scenes human drama in the pits, garages and grandstands, and keeping track of all the amazing spectators’ cars is almost as fun as watching Moss’ and Fangio’s Silver Arrows ripping down Holowell straight.

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