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I restored my factory xenons.
Very easy. It's parts are not sold separately like halogen setup. Also the pattern of the glass is different from halogens. So the best way is to restore it if you cannot afford new units.

What you will need:

1) Sand paper 1500-2000-3000 grind
2) PlastiX polish kit
3) Osram 5000K D2R Coolblue Intense Bulb :) (as replacement bulb)
4) Tools for removing the headlight unit
5) 3M "V" type weather strip
6) White silicone

1) Remove the headlight unit (3 bolts) and wiring connections. Nothing special.
2) Remove the plexiglas and sand until you get rid of the yellow clear coat. (starting with 1500)
3) Polish the glass with PlastiX using rotary polisher until its like new (clean inside also)
4) Remove the range adjuster.
5) Remove the reflector. This is the most important part because most probably your worn out reflector inside your unit is the main cause for your bad beam. Mine had almost no chrome where it should reflect the xenon bulb.
6) Remove the metal part (bulb cover) from the reflector.
7) Have the reflector re-chromed somewhere. Never try to spray paint it. It should be like a mirror. (Cost me 35$ each)
8) Re-install in opposite order.
9) Use the V type 3M strip as seal instead of silicone. Silicone will only be needed for the junction point of the seal.
10) Have your range adjusted

I like the down and up movement of the original xenons when you turn them on :Beer: So cannot switch to projectors...


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