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I didn't want this to get lost so that's why I started a new thread.

All this talk about cat back and full exhaust and headers (ya, thanks Jeff ;) ) got me to thinking that at some point I may want (need) to get something replaced. Even though I don't drive Schwarzie in the winter, the previous owner (of 4 yr) may have. Rust may rear it's ugly head sometime down the road and I just wanted to be prepared.

So here is the thread I want to post about:

SLK55 headers Review and xpipe installation Kleemann Supersprint AMS

He references r172 and r171 and seeing as I've got the 172, I thought it better to post here. Goes into some detail about the different systems and parts available. Some are available in Canada but what I like about that link is that it points out several different options that are available.
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