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Currently have another crack along the middle of the exhaust manifold where the top half meets the bottom half. It is the 2nd time the exhaust manifold has a crack, the first time at 34k miles and we replaced with a brand new one. It now has 120k miles. We are trying to not pay the same cost as we did the first time which was somewhere close to $1k or more (cant remember). I'm looking at used parts on ebay and for some reason they are all listed as parts that fit model year 97-00 but we have a 2001. A search online brings up this part #:

SKU: 111-140-48-09
Other Names: Manifold
Description: 2.3L. Slk230. 2000-04. C230, c350.
Replaces: 111-140-48-09-81

What have other members done when there manifolds were cracked? What is the best route for me for lowest cost and will the used parts off ebay that say for 97-00 fit my car. Can I also look for used manifolds from a 00-04 C230 and C350?



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I'm not very well versed in the 4 Cylinder Cars, but is that Manifold actually leaking (blowing) exhaust gases, because what I can see in your pictures there does not appear to be any evidence of carbon build up .................... except near that flange maybe ??

I'm thinking that either that is just the heat shielding which goes over the top of the manifold itself and the cracking gap is of no consequence, or the Flange could be repaired ??

If it were mine I would get it off the Car and run a weld all the way along that joint, or around the flange .....................

From your reported experiences it seems like it is a common occurrence, so a nice decent welded repair would hopefully put the problem to bed for good :wink:

I've welded far worse things than that with good success over my many years on the spanners ;)

HTH, Cheers Dave
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