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I used to love multiball.

Todays drive home from the meet was a bit like that.

Brief tangle with a Boxter.
Let him out to overtake and he decided not to let me overtake in the outside lane.
Cool! Let's play.
Let him settle his rhythm.
Then wipeout time.
He dropped right of after a short AMG demo.

Then a play with an MX.
Enjoyed this.
Wasn't trying to beat me.
Just two cars 'making progress'.
Courtesy of letting each other out.
Until his turn off.

Stopped off at Broxton bike café.
Great pit stop for a coffee. (Bacon and egg butties are good too, but GROUNDHOG
started flashing in my head. Had one at the meet that exploded on me).

Took the back lanes through Farndon home.
Parked cars in a village.
Two cars were in the process of coming thru, so I laid of.
Then, as I started forward, a crusty (Think old banger with a bean can exhaust)
tried to push through.
I stopped. Watched him gesticulate for me to reverse.
Watched him go mental when I laughed, pointed to the floor
Arms folded.
Cheesey grin.

He went mental!

At this point he exploded.
Slammed into reverse.
Ragged into the Kerb.
Cloud of black smoke out of a petrol car...Not good!

Waved a thanks (proper one, not the Churchill) as I passed.

Load bang.
Thick cloud of black smoke.
Dunno what he did, but looked terminal.


Finally, I was going to apologise to the fireblade owner.
Everytime he opened up in town, I blipped the 55.
4 times she stole his thunder.

I say 'was going to apologise'.
Dipstick tried to dump the 55 (which a 'Blade can do)
except they have resurfaced the road.
Instead of getting out of the way, he decided to block the outside lane.
Hope the V8 gravel hasn't done too much to the paint chap.
You weren't even turning right, but going straight on!

So, turns out the car is driven by a hair dresser after all.

Don't mess with the Zohan!

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