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Having read great detail on SLK world on 'How To' change the cam cover gaskets as a result of my thread 'OIL LEAK-HELP' I can honestly say its a very straight forward DIY job.
I would encourage anyone to have a go as no special tools are needed.
On mine it happened to be the breather box on top of the cam cover which has been the cause of many leaks referred to here. As it happened the cam cover was fine albeit the bolts were a little loose.
In fact the breather box bolts which run through the cam cover to the cylinder head were so loose I could turn one with my fingers.
A situation that's also been referred to in these forums.
In the end i decided to do both sides as i was able to see some seepage on the left cam cover breather/oil filler cover.
What took the most time was the preparation. Getting the old sealant off & de-oiling really well to give the new sealant a good base to stick to.
I also removed the coil packs (one bolt each, along with an electrical plug connector). This enabled me to have a really good inspection of both cam cover gaskets. Incidentally, the left one was fine as well. However, again the bolts were quite loose & I torqued them up a little.
I have no worry now about changing the spark plugs myself as they were there to do. My only addition would be to buy a new mini, multi angle ratchet for the plug at the bulkhead end of each bank; as its a little tight.
To conclude I cannot comprehend how MB charge the prices they do in Labour for cam cover gasket & spark plug change work & I would bet (given the photo's i've studied on this site) that several of the cam cover leaks have been attributed just to the cam cover breather boxes; which as it turns out is even quicker & easier to do.
So if you have the leak problem whip the air filter boxes off as per the great instructions from the etyu thread 'green filter install'.
This should reveal all & if its just the cam cover top boxes get encouraged & get on with it.
Simples. :tu:

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should have made a diy for us with pictures!!
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