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See also:

Mercedes Benz Workshop Manuals R171 Courtesy NMBruce

Component Locations on Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (R171).

LIGHTING - Interior & Exterior.

MB Do it Yourself repairs.


how to clear "main inspection performed on time?"

Emergency Call Button SOS Red Light Solution.

How To Program the Garage Door Opener.

Fuse and relay locations and pics and descriptions

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (R171; 2005-2011) fuses and relays

Correctly adding an accessory using an 'add-a-fuse' to an SLK.

R171 Good Practice Tips (Includes Battery Connection Checklist)

Solar panel to keep the battery topped up

AMG 3rd brake light install pdf.

Curb Alert Pro install SLK55.

Relay diagram.


Main Battery Replacement.

Alternate battery switch installation.

DIY: Replace Cam Sensor and Solenoid Gaskets

Replace the Cam Solenoid Magnet Error Code P0025 Fix.

Siren Replacement SLK55 AMG

Air Conditioning Compressor or SAM - How to test.

Fix for A/C not working or intermittent, windows fogging up (bad SAM)

AC Problem? Evap Temp Sensor Replacement.

SLK P0015 P0012 P0022 P0025 Error DIY

Spark plugs on a 200 kompressor (M271)

R171 spark plug change (M272 engine).

How to change your spark plug wires-112-113-272-273 motors, most V6 & V8s.

Replace the Cam Solenoid Magnet Error Code P0025 Fix

Radiator fan and power steering pump removal

SAP Secondary Air Pump Removal

2006 Slk 280 cooling fan and fan shroud pics & steps...

'05 SLK 350 Oil Sensor replacement.

Under Hood LED Lighting.

DIY Vacuum Pump SLK 200 1.8L


Remove centre console and COMAND:

Remove and repair heated seats

DIY: R171 Seat Heater Repair.

Retrofit electric seats

Radar Detector Install!

DIY Paddles.

DIY : Replace steering wheel with one with paddles on.

Up/Down Shift Buttons to AMG Paddles Upgrade (pre-2006).

Gauge Cluster Removal & 120kph speed alarm

Cheap and Simple solution to make Audio 20 Aux IN.

DIY Aux-In for Audio 20.


Seats, retrofit electric.

Heater or Noisy Fan

R171 350 Heater / Blower Regulator Replacement.

Installing a Climatronic Module.

DIY: Digital Climate Control & Lower Tray Compartment Installation.

SLK R171 head unit removal (youtube by benzwerks).

How to get a rear camera to work with MB NG 2.5 head unit.

DIY - Retrofit Linguatronic NTG 2.5 (R171).

Retrofit COMAND NTG 2.5 --APS(NGT) 50.

Retrofitting a 2009 audio 20... make that a Comand 2.5

Install Aftermarket radio to replace Audio20.

Take apart Audio 50 APS HU restore front plastic panel / fascia.

Denison Gateway 500 / Escort 9500ci Install.

CarPlay for COMAND NTG1.

Replacing faulty MFD panels - a.k.a. 'frying the shrimp'.

Crackling and buzzing Harman-Kardon speaker.

Custom boost gauge pod in dash.

USB Port Addition.

Rear window regulator replacement.

DIY Replace trunk inside filament bulb with LED.

Boot/Trunk wiring fixed.

Radio/speaker cutting out.


Fuel pump replacement

How to strengthen signal using the R170 Antenna.

Installing motor with memory for mirror dip on reverse.

Curb Alert Pro install SLK55

Retrofit Electrically Folding Side Mirrors.

SLK 350 2004 Replace front fog lights on AMG optic pack.

AMG 3rd Brake Light Install.

Retrofit Source HID Install.

Homelink removal (success) & Roof Mount DAB antenna.

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In an effort to make researching issues easier we are trying to collect them into relevant threads.

In this instance the Electrical.
As this work progresses we will be unsticking some threads.
Those threads are still on the site in 171 diy but the links are now listed above.

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