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Mercedes-AMG might be working on a hypercar (here are the latest details on the matter), but it seems the Affalterbach specialists couldn't wait to compete against machines such as the McLaren P1, so we'll see the German and the Brit going head-to-head later today.

This is a bit of a fairy tale, as McLaren has already revealed its all-electric P1, a "scaled" version for kids. And, as less-than-a-coincidence, today is also the date when we get to see a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster with a similar destination.

The German automaker has been teasing the toy over the weekend, as you can see in the Instagram posts at the bottom of the page.

And since the reflection in the middle photo allows us to check out the flat floor of the contraption, there doesn't seem to be much room for pedals of Fred Flinstone-style foot power, hence our EV expectations. And yes, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Instagram photo, which also landed on the Mercedes-AMG Instagram page over the weekend, also deserves credit for our voltage expectations.

While McLaren's appeal to your inner child targets a clientele with ages between three and six, we'll have to wait and see what Mercedes-AMG has planned.

Regardless, once both models reach showrooms across the world, you should expect private Instagram accounts to deliver images of little ones... mirroring their parents' go-fast machines.

Sure, this segment of the market might still be young (no pun intended), but, given the accelerated pace at which the industry evolves nowadays, we could get to see road-legal GT3 specification children's cars by the end of the decade. What would come next? That's a rather silly question. Everybody knows kids dream about driving GT3 spec racecars on the sidewalk, so we're nominating this as a future trend in the diminutive velocity business.
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