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Totally misses the point.
Same as electric sports cars.

Pointless without some sound and feel.

Searched and found nothing on this here.

Harley-Davidson reveals its first production-ready electric bike

Attendees of Italy's EICMA motorcycle show will be among the first to see the production version of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the company's first production electric motorbike (TechCrunch). The LiveWire's design is also a departure from Harley-Davidson's classic cruisers, instead drawing on designs that are also informing the company's planned streetfighter range. Its lines might be more aggressive than you'd expect, but Harley promises a comfortable ride from what it says will be the first in a range of magnet electric powered bikes, which it'll be rolling out its own public charging points to help support. The LiveWire will be available to pre-order in 2019.

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Who needs a Harley when you can get a riding mower with a beer cup holder and air spring seat.:grin::grin:

Built by John Deere, Greeneville, TN, USA
“The Most Comfortable Lawn Tractor in Its Class” the E100 has best in class ergonomics, redesigned operator station, enhanced layout of controls and 11-in back, heat resistant seat with adjustable in-seat controls, cup holder to its side
This 17.5-HP, single cylinder John Deere Branded engine with full-pressure lubrication has plenty of power and torque to handle tough mulching, mowing, and bagging conditions – most suitable for a flat terrain with up to 1 acre
The E100 also includes an automatic CVT transmission and a frame made of full-length welded, 12-gauge steel (front bumper optional)
The 42-in two blade Edge™ Cutting System has a deep deck design and manual PTO blade engagement to provide superior performance and even cuts with 1-in to 4-in cut height selections in 1/4-in increments
42in bagger (6238590, 42in mulch kit (228462), front bumper (158603), tow-behind cart (317783), lawn sweeper (538134), 46 in. front blade (232032)
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