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Hi folks!

Thanks to i860, I was able to plug my laptop into my car and just start working with Xentry instead of having to troubleshoot the install. I was playing around in Implicit Coding of the Engine ECU and of course, it's all in German. For some time now I've wanted to translate that entire section into English to that I can see what all the options are for. Here is my attempt to do just that;

Klimakompressor = A/C Compressor Not Installed
AAV - Aktivkohle Absperrr Ventil = Activated Carbon Shutoff Valve
ABC (Active-Body-Control)
Abgasvarianten = Emission Variants
AGR Sensor programmierbar (nur DE) = Programmable EGR sensor (DE only)
AGR-Ventil (nur DE) = EGR valve (DE only)
AKB - Aktivkohlebehaelter = AKB - activated carbon canister
Allrad = four-wheel (All Wheel Drive)
Anfahren im 1. Gang in C = Starting in First Gear in C
arbeits drehzahlregelung = Working Speed Control
ACS (Active Steering Control) Nicht Vorhanden = Not Available
Batteriesteuergeraet = Battery Control Unit alle BRen ausser = all BRs except
Baureihe = Model Series
Bordnetzzustandserkennung = Vehicle electrical system state detection
Dashpot (akitiviert = Activated)
Diagnose Dynamikpruefung HKS = Diagnose Dynamics Testing HKS (My guess is Dyno Testing)
DPM Freigabe External Mode = DPM Release External Mode
DPM ModusObergrenze = DPM Mode Upper Limit
Drehzahlanhebung NAG = Speed Increase NAG
Drosselklappensteller = Throttle
Leckpuefung = Leak Test
ECO-Lenkhelfpumpe = Power Steering Pump
Erweiterte Diagnose Umgebungstemperatur = Advanced Ambient Temperature Diagnosis
EWM (Elektronisches Waehlhebelmodul/ISM) = Electronic Selector Lever Module
EZS (Elektronisches Zuendschloss) = Electronic Ignition Lock
Fahrdynamikpaket = Dynamic Handling Package
Fehlerkennung ECT in Kombi aktiv = ECT error detection active in combi
FGR (Fahrgeschwindigkeitsregeler) = Cruise Control
Freigabe PNC -GM1 = Release

...and...that's as far as I'm going today !


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