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Eagle Completes First Unit of the Spyder GT, to Debut at Windsor Castle - autoevolution

Somewhere in East Sussex, there’s a shop called Eagle, which is very much into old Jaguars. The latest project from Eagle is the Spyder GT, the “fourth evolution of the Jaguar E-Type.”

The jaw-dropping feline was first presented in February 2016 with the magic of Photoshop. Now, however, Eagle E-Types is happy to present “the actual first Eagle Spyder GT.” The first public outing of the first-ever Eagle Spyder GT is planned for next week at Windsor Castle, at the UK Concours of Elegance.

According to the company specialized in restoring and restomodding the E-Type, “the Spyder GT has most of the Speedster visual attributes but with the added practicality of a hood so [it] becomes a true Grand Touring convertible. Professional photographs will follow.” Till then, the pics shared by Eagle on its official Facebook page will have to suffice. Boy, does this feline look the part.

The mesmerizing machine is said to interweave the performance of the Low Drag GT with the awe-inspiring design of the Speedster. The first you notice about the Eagle Spyder GT is the raked windscreen. Then there’s the folding roof, which happens to be a better affair than the original soft top. Eagle has not offered too many details on what options will are available, but then again, I presume that each car will be made to each customer’s requirement.

Under the sexy body shell, the Eagle Spyder GT hides Ohlins dampers, AP Racing brakes, and a 4.7-liter Jaguar XK6 straight-six. The engine is expected to be virtually similar to the one in the Eagle Low Drag GT. Given these hints, look forward to 345 horsepower and 360 lb-ft (488 lb-ft) of torque at the very least, as well as a 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) stint in less than 6 seconds.

Unfortunately, Eagle E-Types isn’t ready to discuss Spyder GT pricing at the present moment. Based on the prices of other offerings from the British company, £500,000 ($660,000 / €585,000) seems just about appropriate. :surprise::crying:
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