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06 SLK55 030. Looking for more power. I spoke to RPM North about supercharger/headers/ECU/exhaust and it looked like installed it was about $20k worth of work. Seems to me that while it produces a fair amount of power (too much to actually put down, they said) that the price is pretty steep (note: labor inclusive).

I started looking around at the supercharged 5.4's and they can be had pretty easily for 3.5-5k in reasonable shape. The question I have though is I gather I'd have to use the computer from the SL/E that I stole the engine from, because the SLK's computer is not going to know how to talk to that engine. Is this correct?

If it is correct, then things like the COMAND unit won't work, right? Does this require, effectively, a full transplant of electronics from the donor?

Has anyone done this? It seems like kind of a braindead thing to do. The mill bolts in, it's just a matter of getting it to run...

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