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n what could be a lesson into why you should always leave the driving to real drivers, one dude (we assume) from the U.K. has become an unwilling viral star after trying to perform a James Bond-worthy stunt in his smart car. He failed miserably and wrecked his tiny car in the process, but at least he delivered the laughs.

The video popped up on Facebook on LmsAuto and is credited to Charlie Burns. Presumably, Burns is the man with the camera, having a laugh with his friends as this daredevil tries to do the J-Turn in his smart car.

LmsAuto doesn’t identify the driver or offer any follow-up on the damage to the car, though commenters have posted a picture claiming to be the wreck. It looks pretty bad, fyi. You will also find the footage available at the bottom of the page.

Though the ending is predictable, it’s still very funny: after the smart reverses at high speed, as the driver tries to make it spin, it topples and lands on its roof, with all the stuff packed inside spilling on the tarmac. The fact that this happens in a deserted, public parking lot adds to the overall sensation that this is possibly the least James Bond thing you’ve seen in recent weeks.

Speaking of 007 and the J-Turn, maybe for his next attempt, what this smart driver could use is some light reading on the topic. That is, if his mother lets him drive her car again after this. The Art of Manliness has just the thing, with comics and all.

be aware of the british language
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