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Are you brave enough to watch?

For Ipad users:

also did you spot the slk?

MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. - The Minnesota State Patrol asks that motorists do not stop for ducks, or any animal, regardless of how the situation may end. This after a video, showing a family of ducks narrowly escaping injury, went viral.

"Unfortunately these little ducks are on a freeway where they're not supposed to be," said Lt. Tiffani Nielson of Minnesota State Patrol. "People should not stop on a freeway."

The video shows the duck trying to cross Interstate 35 at Highway 10 in Mounds View on Wednesday. More than a dozen cars swerved to avoid hitting the ducks. Amazingly, there was not a crash.

"It's just the risk to the person, human, is greater than the ducks," Nielson said. "No one wants to hit the ducks, and I get that, but we've all driven on a freeway and we're never thinking, will I need to stop ahead?"

Nielson suggests drivers follow two rules:

- Scan down the highway, 5-10 seconds ahead and process the information. If you see something ahead, reduce speed and move to the side. Do not stop or swerve.

- Use the three-second rule. If you have three seconds between you and the person in front of you, you will likely be able to avoid a crash.

"When we have anything restricting the lane – animals or even tire shred -- we handle it as an emergency response. We need to get it removed quickly," Nielson said.

Typically, troopers get more calls about animals on roads during spring.

Nielson says that if there's a crash that causes a fatal or serious injury, the driver could face criminal charges.
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