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Hello Kitty went drinking and then on a rampage. That is, if we’re to believe what a Massachusetts woman told Rhode Island police after she was involved in a one-vehicle crash she caused.

Of all the excuses and stories drunk drivers come up with when confronted by the cops, this is perhaps the funniest. A drunk female driver rolled over in her car and then told the police that her name was Hello Kitty, according to NBC Boston. Presumably, she was trying to evade the famous long arm of the law.

If that’s what she was thinking when she lied (so badly), she was wrong: police eventually identified the woman as Karina Dominguez Martinez, 25, from Worcester, Massachusetts. She has no real connection to the famous cartoon character.

According to the report, the Hello Kitty wannabe was “driving erratically and with her lights off” just moments before the crash, as confirmed by eyewitnesses. She then struck the concrete stairs of a home, which was fortunately unoccupied, and flipped.

The driver was treated at the scene for “scrapes and bruises,” so the accident wasn’t too serious. When police arrived at the scene, they found opened bottles of sangria in the vehicle. Wherever the party started, Martinez wanted it to continue while she was on the road, as well.

“She was charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest,” the report says. “She was released on her own recognizance pending arraignment on Wednesday.”

She wasn’t charged with lying to the police about her identity, because, apparently, being a hilariously bad liar is not a crime. The report doesn’t mention anything about the damage to the car or, for that matter, to the house that dared to stand in Hello Kitty’s way to a good time.

All jokes aside, don’t drink and drive, no matter what fictional name you might fancy.
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