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One dude from Bismark, North Dakota found this out the hard way, while out drinking last weekend, Valley News reports citing the Bismark Police Department affidavit. Nicholas Demetres was partying at the Elbow Room when he was asked to leave because he was too drunk and was becoming unbearable.

Like many drunks are known to do, he put up a fight and refused to vacate the premises. Security and bar staff eventually led him outside, which is where the police found him. He was still up for causing trouble, though, despite the presence of the police cruiser.

“The BPD K-9 handler says Demetres was informed that there was a Police K-9 inside of the vehicle and was told to stay back,” the report notes. “Demetres walks to the back of the kennel, and punched the window. The affidavit says the vehicle was clearly marked as a Police K-9 Unit.”

Police had to intervene and handcuffed Demetres and took him to the hospital, before taking him into custody.

“Later at the hospital, while being medically cleared due to being intoxicated, Demetres lifted his head toward the officer and spit on his arm,” the same publication says. “Demetres is being held at the Burleigh County Detention Center for contact by bodily fluids and harassment of law enforcement support animal.”

In most U.S. states, harassing a law enforcement support animal, be it a dog or a horse, is a misdemeanor, especially if said harassment results in bodily harm for the animal or its death. That said, in any country in the world, harassing any animal for the lame reason that you’re too drunk to know what you’re doing is the certain confirmation of jerk.
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