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Tried window reset. Took door panel off after that didn't work. No sign of water leaks or damage. This car spent the vast majority of its life in a garage. Even the sealant holding the black foam against the metal of the door was still intact directly above the control module (under the tweeter). Using the window switch, I tried to open and close the window. I get clicking noises from both the control module and the relay next to the window motor. So, it's getting power but the window won't budge.

I unplugged everything from the control module and plugged it back in. Same with the cable to the window motor. Plugged it all back in with no change.

Mirror, locks, everything else seems to work just fine. Only the window motor seems to be effected.

I'm fortunate that this issue occured when the window was UP. However, the issue occured after a big rain storm we had 6 weeks ago. There may have been water leakage to the window motor, but I found no evidence of it.

I don't have any tools to read error codes from the car. I can't afford to throw money at the local mercedes dealership. They charge through the nose here...even for a Mercedes dealership (my county is just south of Nashville and full of wealthy people that can afford it)

What's my next step?

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