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Drivers Side Mirror

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Couldn't find an answer through search, so thought one of the knowledgeable members would be able to tell me....

My drivers side mirror has a black plastic surround, but the passenger one doesn't. The viewing angle is not as good as the passenger side with its full size mirror so I foolishly thought 'oh someone has put a cheap replacement on it'

So bought a new one with no frame.... but then when I went to change it saw there was an extra connection (in addition to the heating terminals).

Now I'm guessing this is something to do with dimming??

But my questions are:

Is the horrible frame essential for the dimming?

And why does the passenger side not have it?
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I was wondering the exact same thing about my drivers mirror. Also, my mirror has a definite yellowish tinge which the passenger mirror does not. Anyone know what that's about? Is it a dimming mirror gone or going bad?
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The driver's mirror is dimming while the passenger is not. some would also be heated if an option
covered in that book thing, oh what is it called? oh yes, the owner's something or other :D

ahhh search feature, one of many: :D

Remember, there is really no question that has not been asked before :D
The constant email replies to use search are getting a bit old.
I know I have auto dimming drivers mirror, I know what the manual is for, I know how to use Google. I assumed this forum is for owners to ask and exchange information. I was extremely active on the Porsche forums and gotta say much more active and friendly to new members.

The question I asked is still valid.
I am inquiring why one mirror has a distinct yellow cast to the image. Your link nor the manual reference if this is normal.
If you used the search feature, state so in your posts/threads.
We will still help you
Teach a man to fish... if not you, then another newbie

I have been here 10 years and welcomed over 40000 members
and very few have taken offense of my helpfulness like you just have

Guess you're going to have to take those 'likes' back now.

yellow cast, then there is a 'leak' of the dimming fluid.

I'm done. Have a nice day :D
Still looking forward to meeting you at one of our meets
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