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I hope the person that stole the drivers wallet will have bad karma for 20 years.:soap::soap:

There are many people who would probably drive away from the scene of an accident where a dog was run over, but Timothy Airington from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is not one of them.

So when he saw a dog run across the road right in front of his car last week, and then saw the dog being hit by another car, he didn’t waste a second to pull over and come to the animal’s aid. Sadly, this turned to be a losing move for him, because the whole thing was probably a scam and he had his wallet stolen.

Airington tells Fox2Now he didn’t stop to think about the car that ran over the pooch, though in retrospect, he could find a few things suspicious about it. His only thought when he saw the dog was to run and help it, and call Animal Control so they could have a look at his injuries.

After pulling over, he also flagged other drivers and got them to help him remove the pooch from the road, to safer ground, on the median. People also rushed with towels, and they all strove to make the wait as painless as possible for the dog. It seemed “in good spirits despite being hurt” but it couldn't walk.

Airington and other motorists waited for about 30 minutes for Animal Control to arrive. Once the injured dog was gone, he popped inside Wawa to get a coffee. That’s when he realized his wallet was missing and he understood that someone had used the commotion to rob him. His bank would later inform him someone was trying to get gas using his credit card.

“It’s never a good feeling, and at the end of the day you just take the good from it. I can replace all those things, and I’m
pretty sure I saved that dog from the cars,” Airington tells the publication, choosing to look at the silver lining.

“You feel violated when somebody takes anything like that and, of course, they got all your stuff. Running around trying to get gas and you’re worried about the greater good,” he adds.

Video here
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