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Driver side exterior door handle doesn't work

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Yesterday, my driver side door handle would not open the door. Today, I removed the interior door panel and inspected. Not knowing what to look for, I couldn't see anything.

What do you think is wrong? can I repair it? what parts do I need to order.


2000 SLK230
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Sounds like the lock locating dowel has either broken off or the lock needs undoing & relocating. Not easy as your working in a tight area.
Interior handle works on a cable that also has a locating white clip that can break with age. On back of panel, check thats all good too.
Here is a link to how to remove the handle. You may discover the issue if you take it apart.

Pelican Technical Article - Mercedes SLK 230 - Door Handle Replacement

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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