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A man and dog were left covered in multi-coloured paint after a car crash sent it flying all over them.

The driver was hauling multiple five-gallon buckets of latex paint on a Washington highway on Tuesday afternoon when the c occurred.

He lost control of his SUV and ran off the road near Belfair, according to a trooper from the Washington State Patrol.
Huge quantities of pain were thrown around the interior of the car, coating the seats, windows and windscreen.

The unidentified man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

Trooper Russ Winger teamed up with an off-duty firefighter to take care of the animal, which had been turned grey from all the different paints.

They persuaded a local resident to let them bathe the dog in her yard.

After a liberal application of water from her hose and a bottle of shampoo, the afflicted pet was returned to its splendid black colour.

The dog is now being cared for by the local humane society while its owner is unable to do so.
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