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So I had some missing door sill plugs and some were looking a bit tatty. After some research it eventuated that MB don't sell the plugs as a separate part, you have to buy the whole door sill.

I went onto ebay, purchased some 12mm rubber blanking plugs (£4) and hey presto!:bannana:

I have attached photos:

1. Door sill showing missing plug.
2. Showing plugs from ebay. These were not flat smooth tops, as you can see there is the moulding finish.
3. Sanding the plugs tops.
4. Finished plugs top after sanding.
5. Plugs in sill.

I think it works well for now and will suffice until such time that I need to replace the entire door sill unit.

I hope this helps anyone else that has had the same issue.:tu:


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