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You haven’t seen a donkey this cheerful since the movie “Shrek.”

This happy donkey had a huge smile on his face after being rescued from floodwaters in Killorglin, Ireland.

On Dec. 6, the animal’s owner called Animal Heaven Animal Rescue for help retrieving the donkey after it had escaped overnight when a storm damaged the gate to his stable.

“His owner had found him that morning out in the field, and because the river had burst its banks, the donkey was stranded,” a press release about the dramatic rescue explained.

The AHAR immediately put a plea out on its Facebook page asking for people with a boat to come forward to help, which is when Mike Fleming of the local rowing club stepped in.

Fleming braved the waters in his own boat, along with AHAR volunteers Suzanne Gibbons and Declan Murphy, to get to the trapped animal.

“Declan worked hard to get the rope and buoyancy aid around the donkey, who was terrified and very tired by this time. The donkey was ‘towed’ to land and pulled out to safety,” the press release read.

Once the donkey hit dry land, he grinned from ear to ear.

He is now recovering and has been affectionately named “Mike” in honor of his rescuer.
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