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Bruno began his life as a rambling man, and though he was adopted, old habits die hard. He lives just outside a small city of about 150 human residents, and he spends his days walking there to visit them. Since he’s the area’s most popular citizen, he’s been honored with a statue and a sign, distinguishing him as the official “town dog and ambassador.”

“It’s just been his routine as far back as I know,” said Sharon Rouse, who frequently sees him from her reception desk a realty office. “Everybody knows Bruno… [you] may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno.”

Nearly every day for the last dozen years, the teddy bear of a dog has been walking four miles to Longville to visit and get treats from the locals of Longville, Minnesota. When he’s had his fill, he walks back home to Debbie and Larry LaVallee.

“The first time I seen him in town, he almost beat me to town,” former trash collector Larry told KARE 11. “I was picking garbage on the way, and I get in town, and I wasn’t there five minutes, and there’s Bruno.”

He had known Bruno to be a drifter from the moment he met the puppy.“A guy come in my driveway, and Bruno was a little pup, and he says, ‘I found your dog at the end of your driveway.’ I says, ‘Well, he ain’t my dog.’”

He believed the poor thing had been abandoned, and decided to keep him. But it seems that Bruno was never meant to stay in one place. No matter what they tried, the LaVallees could not keep him from escaping. He’s just determined to roam about and see all his buddies in town. One can’t help but to think of Dion’s song, “The Wanderer.”
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