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Lassie ain't got nothin' on a new 4-legged hero named Leila -- who saved a baby dolphin that beached itself in the UK earlier this month ... and it was all caught on video.
Leila's owner posted the footage online -- showing the heroic canine tending to a tiny dolphin that was stuck on some rocks last weekend at Criccieth Beach in Wales .

Whilst attempting Bass fishing on a beach near Criccieth (close to the mouth of the River Dwyfor) I was taking photos of the fantastic scenery when I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach....clearly she had found something!

Managed to gently lift and guide this beached baby dolphin / juvenile harbour porpoise back out to sea.

Stayed at the site for while after to make sure he didn't come back. Spoke to the coastguard once I had signal and they reported it to the science team. Think the little guy was lucky as there was nobody around for miles!

And, if it wasn't for my dog barking at me I would have missed him too!
Turns out, man's best friend became dolphin's BFF that day -- because Leila alerted her human, who was able to push the little guy off the rocks ... and it successfully swam away!
Who's good doggy hero? You are! Yes you are!

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