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Open the hood and let's start working on the project!
First step you are going to do is lift off the red plate cover.
This is the central engine cover plate that has 3 screws they need to
be unscrewed and lift off the engine. (that's where Benz coils and
spark plugs live)
Next you see is 4 coils. 2 of them are held by 2 bolts which need
to be unscrewed with a wrench. The other 2 are plug ins: Remove coils
with fingers by pulling gently toggle side to side or .25 rotational
Place all 4 coils to the side of the engine.
Next, remove all the bolts it's like (9-10), that hold the main engine
cover(silver color one). Also, remove that black looking part which is
held by 2 screws ( thats air evacuator).
After all the bolts are twisted off lift up the silver engine
cover (you may not lift up on it by hand. You may use a flat screw
driver with a mallet.
taps on the edge-opening between cover and motor of the entire silver
engine cover.(except the back), or the engine cover may come out easy
with out any force. Do not use force Mercedes parts are very gentle
just like humans bones they are very fragile parts. Take your time and
don't be in a rush.
Once you've removed the silver engine cover, what you'll see is the
top surface of the naked engine. Cool ha?
Strip the engine cover gasket that runs in the groove of the silver
engine cover. You may use the flat screw driver tip in the groove of
the engine cover to remove the big debris. After large debris removed,
sand it down inside the grove like small bumps and particles with a
sand paper(not small grid paper, but big enough to remove previous dry
Moving on to the next step!
Removing cylinder gaskets. There is going to be four cylinder gaskets
or people call them valve gaskets. Those you need to remove by flat
screw driver and a mallet as shown on the pic. Don't be confused the
valve gasket has a metal ring and the black rubber is running inside
of that metal ring. You must remove that metal ring with rubber.
Anyway remove all four of them by using this technique. Follow same
cleaning tips that I advised earlier.
You'll use crazy glue, which I took a picture of. Use this glue on
the metal edges of the valve gaskets and the engine cover groove. (not
a valve groove)
Place the glued valve gasket into the grove and press on the valve
gasket firmly, so the surface edge stays even.
Apply black silicone just before you are ready to install the silver
engine cover back onto the engine it's self. There is no point of
placing dry silicone onto the engine cover gasket and the valve
gaskets; because the silicone is design to hug and tight all little
cracks and little spaces. That is done to prevent post oil leaks and
Make sure, you dry all the edges of the engine it's self before
placing engine cover.
Once you dry all the edges apply black silicone on to the engine cover
gasket and valve gaskets. Please, do not apply to much of a silicone.
If it's to much it will leak into the motor it's self n cause bunch of
problems. Apply thin layer with a finger.
After application, place the silver engine cover back onto the motor
by adjusting the cover back n forth until it sits perfectly down on
the motor.
Now place all the bolts back into the engine cover and start pre-
tighten them. After the bolts are all pre-tighten tighten them enough
that is tight DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE BOLTS or else you'll break them
Insert coils back onto the sockets and tighten them all.
Air vacuum position back and tighten it with two bolts.
Place red engine cover back.
You are done!

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Wow i am impressed witht he details and pics. Thanks a million i am very up to date on the old Mercedes Engines but not on the newer motor this will be a great help and yes i am lookinf 4 a Service man. 4 my R170. Thx again 4 all the great info

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Great write-up - I've 'stickied' the thread to make it easier to find in the future.

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WOW very useful tools in the maintenance of our SLK...Thanks for the detailed instruction and pictures...Rock n Roll.....

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not on SLK site....

hi Jeff,
the link you posted, to the Benzworld site is good; pics load right away.
But, try opening the thread from this SLK forum, the pics are not there,
perhaps the links are broken.....I see he edited the post a year later.

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I went ahead and posted the good link in the 2nd post of this thread.
apparently that forum moved the original post and no one updated the path.
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