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I think this more like a refresh steering wheel fluid, maybe only a flush will get read of old fluid.
Any way i went today to MB and ask about the changing the PS oil and they said is life time item jut to top up. I bought some liquid and perform the refreshing

Pela 6000 oil extractor
Multi-grade oil from MB A001989240310 MB 345.0 approval oil
Empty bottles
Remove the cap and suck old oil, replace with fresh , start the car and turn the steering wheel maxim to right and left 10 times or more. Suck the oil again and replace with fresh... I was afraid to use the flush method because of air going in the system.
The first two times when I empty the tank the liquid was BLACK nothing like clear green liquid from the new bottle. You can see from my picture the color.
I left the liquid about min of 80 deg on the stick as my car was hot.
The first thing after doing this I notice a reduce sound or no sound when i turn the steering wheel to maxim, not sure if placebo.
Not sure how MB left this oil as life time.
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