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I was checking my fluids about two weeks ago and used a dropper to pull out some power steering fluid, and it was black. So today I decided to flush my power steering fluid. I spent the last week or two watching different YouTube videos and reading different forums/articles on power steering flushes. I noticed there is no guide on this site yet so here it is!

parts needed:

Power steering fluid 2 bottles
Part# Q1460001

Generic clear tubing the longer the better(tubing I used was 10mm(outside diameter) was a little small, had to heat up to fit on reservoir.

7mm brass hose barb(make sure this fits your rubber tubing) like these, probably cheaper in ashop.

Tools needed:

turkey baster/syringe/vacuum sucker(to get old fluid out of reservoir)

philips #1 screwdriver

These aren’t necessary but I like themHose grip pliers

Floor jack
JACK STANDS(I only used two to jack up the front end only)
Ramps wont work

a second person to help turn the steering would make it much easier

Step 1:
Jack up the car, if you haven’t done this yet, pelican parts has a great article on it. Please be careful, don’t go under the car until there are jack stands.

Step 2: open the hood and locate the power steering fluid cap, and remove it. Wipe it off completely with a rag or paper towel and Set it aside for later.

Step 3: use your turkey baster/syringe/vacuum tool and suck out as much power steering fluid as you can and put it in an empty water or oil bottle.

Step 4: Put a rag or shop towel under the power steering return line, just under the hose clamp. And cut a short section of hose, bend it and clamp it with a zip tie like this to make a plug for the reservoir. Lastly, get a length of hose, just enough to reach your dirty oil jug, and put the brass connector in the end.(mine was plastic)



Step 5:unscrew the screw on the hose clamp, I had to unscrew it all the way to get the hose clamp off, it’s a very soft metal and bent easily without breaking or anything. Make sure to have your plug and hose you made in the last step ready and put it on the tube coming off of the power steering reservoir, while you carefully remove the hose. Then put the hose with the brass fitting in the rubber return line, and put the hose clamp on. Put the other end of this hose into your dirty oil jug.

Step 6: if doing this alone, fill the reservoir all the way up with clean fluid and a funnel, get in the car and turn the key to unlock the steering but not start. It helps if you can see your rubber hose, slowly turn your steering wheel to one side, and if fluid goes into your bottle stop, and top up the reservoir, if fluid doesent come out yet, continue turning it in the other direction until fluid comes out and then top it up. Repeat this process until the fluid comes out clean. I used about a bottle and a third of oe power steering fluid. If someone is helping you, have them turn the steering wheel from lock to lock while you keep the power steering reservoir topped up.

Step 7:
Drain the reservoir again, but put the fluid into a clean empty bottle. Put a new rag under the hose if needed, and pull off the plug you made. Then, loosen the hose clamp and remove the hose you made for the return line and put the hose back on the reservoir. Re tighten the hose clamp

Step 8: re fill the reservoir with the fluid you just removed, you can use fresh fluid if you want, but the whole system should be clean by now. With the cap still off, and car still jacked up, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock a couple of times again to remove any air, just in case. When you are done bleeding air out of it, put the cap back on and lower the car to the ground.

Step 9: adjust fluid level so it is reasonable, not overfilled or under filled. Mine was just a little over the cold max. Then put the cap back on, clean up all the power steering fluid you may have spilled in the engine bay and then go for a test drive! You will need to check the fluid again a few times over the next couple of days, just make sure the fluid level is normal.

Ill link a bunch of the videos I watched, some people had the car running but it did not seem necessary and seemed like it could just make it more difficult/dangerous to your car in case it ran dry.

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One more thing, if your power steering pump is loud, Mercedes sells a little bottle of power steering additive meant to help quiet them down called lubrizol part#001 989 61 03 I haven’t used this yet, I just saw it while shopping for power steering fluid and wondered what exactly it was for.
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