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Horn stopped working and mechanic Hare Repair in Houston diagnosed the problem to the horns, not the wiring or power supply. So I picked up these Hella horns on for $43 including shipping.

View attachment 15915

Included these schematics:
View attachment 15916

My pictures of the old broken horns were too dark so I only have the new horns after installation. But the new horns have the same basic design and layout as the original with the exception that the new horns have the same tone vs high and low. They are loud as hell.

Feel free to post questions and I'll do my best to help.

1#. Open the hood.

2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. (I usually wait 1-2 mins)

View attachment 15913

3. Unscrew the 6 screws at the top and both edges of the front grill and remove grill. Should slide out, but my bumper is bent so I had to yank and be careful not to crack the plastic.

View attachment 15912

4. Unplug connectors from old horn terminals.

View attachment 15914

5.Unscrew bracket from from car chassis (aka where the bracket attaches to the car). Then remove the horn.

View attachment 15917

6. Repeat or other horn.

7. Installation of new horns is reverse working from steps 6-2.

8. Turn ignition to start or on position and test horns.

(These horns came with a relay, but was not necessary to replace as the mechanic confirmed the horns were getting power but still did not work. So I knew this was the only component I would be replacing. He was right.


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