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2007 SLK55 AMG
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Had a lot of trouble with the Dension Gateway for over a year so i was fed up and removed it so i could get a refund ;).
But that leaves the car with something i realy need and want so how to overcome this.

So i decided to do some DIYing (y)

What i needed was a bluetooth module that supported jack and also had a built in microphone.
It also needed to have one of the best bluetooth chips available of the latest generation (bt 5.0).
Some advantages of that are: aptX HD, aptX Low latency, aptX, SBC, ACC (way better quality audio) and Google Assistant but most importantly way better phone support.

This will only work for the cars with cd changer/jack connection in the glove box.

Drawbacks of this solution compared to the Dension Gateway :
The steering wheel buttons won't work (apart from the volume ones).
Im 99% sure needs to be powered on/off manually.
You will need to have your phone close by to pick up the call (action on phone needed)
No inferface/display of songs on cluster

The good things:
Google assistant works flawlessly (Dension doesn't support it).
Supports the newest phones available
Supports way better audio quality than the Dension due to the new and upper-class BT chip.
Way way way cheaper (in total it only set me back about €40).

Text Technology Font Logo Electronics

url : Vikefon BT unit @ Aliexpress

Vikefon BT-B29 (available on Aliexpress), this one even has a small battery.
Separate microphone (or you can wire it to the existing one under the mirror).
jack - jack cable (included with purchase of this unit).
Some wiring (i used some disconnecting plugs so its easier to fit but this isn't necessary)
Hot glue gun
Soldering iron and accessories

If you want to fully hide the install (like im going to do) you will need some to connect it with usb.
Im going to wire it in so its connected to the iginition power.

Things to do:

Step 1:

You need to open the Vikefon unit (i had to butcher the casing as i had no idea how to open it).
This can be easily done by lifting the cover with the VIKEFON logo on it.
This is a taped on cover, after lifting it you will find four small bolts to open the rest of the unit.

Step 2:
Now we should have the bare board.
Locate the jack connection and microphone (small hole), both on the same side next to the micro usb power connection.
The microphone looks like a really small cell sizes battery.

Step 3:
Now remove the microphone from the board (See picture below with marking MC1).

Step 4:
Now drill a larger hole in the housing of the vikefon so it can fit the wiring.

Step 5:
Now cut of the jack connector of the external microphone and strip the wiring.
Then solder it to the exposed solder points where the original one was mounted.

Step 6:
(OPTIONAL) Now also cut of one of the jack plugs from the jack-jack cable and hard wire it in on the board.
I did this because with testing i noticed that i needed to wiggle it around to get stereo out of the connector -> China quality :rolleyes:.
By removing it and hard wiring it in i will not have to worry that this will happen during driving (removed weak point).

Step 7:
You should end up with something like this.
Finger Electronic device Technology Teal Electronics
Circuit component Electronic component Passive circuit component Electronic device Technology

Step 8:
Now test it, connect to it with your phone and play some tunes and call someone to see if it works.
Cable Technology Wire Electrical wiring Electrical supply

Step 9:
If all is good glue all the wiring up so it will not easily disconnect from the board.
It isn't pretty but it doesn't have to be it needs to work and thats exactly what it does.
Display device Glass Electronics Technology Portable communications device

Step 10:
Now all can be mounted again and ready to put in the car (y)
Electronic device Technology Cable Electronics Gadget

Im going to mount the unit in the glove bo so i can easily reach the on/off button.

2007 SLK55 AMG
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Just got the car from storage and gave it a quick try. Simply wow i have really really missed out on audio quality it seems ........
With this the HK audio system sounds awesome. It will not distort even at max volume. WAY better bass and high tones.

Tomorrow ill wire everything in fully.
Going to use the factory microphone(s) in the upper light panel for a full stealth install.

This is absolutely definitely worth the effort.
Its not only cheap it actually outperforms anything that i tried. Most costs at least 10 times more.....


2007 SLK55 AMG
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Wired everything in yesterday. Works great (y)

I wanted to use the factory mics (there are three in the r171 -> 1 teleaid and 2 left and right normal ones).
Turns out it will not work wit oem mics. So i wired in a cheap normal mic. Removed the oem mic and glued in the cheap mic in the same place.

I removed the cd changer to save space. But in order for that to work you need to loop the MOST wiring (needs to be a closed loop).
I bought on of these on Amazon to do this.
Automotive lighting Circuit component Amber Font Cable

Important to know regarding the working of the Vikefon unit :
It needs to be activated manually by pressing the on button before you can use it.
It connects to your phone VERY quickly automatically afterwards (assuming the pairing has already been done previously).
Will shut down automatically when the phone connection is dropped within a few minutes.
Shutting down the power in the car will not make a difference as it has a build in battery ;).

2007 SLK55 AMG
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There is still room for some improvement on the microphone part i reckon so i have bought this:
Font Audio equipment Cable Screenshot Multimedia

Cheap but modern quality one which on view seems to fit perfectly in the spot the original microphone was located 👌.
Whenever it arrives ill wire it in and post the outcome.

2007 SLK55 AMG
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Small update! Tried it with a different but similar module.
Works great as well! Same microphone on the pcb.
Way better quality device, and easier and faster to get as its om amazon (y).

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