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Hi everyone. I recently purchased an 05 AMG 55 which I'm loving but gotta say I cant wait to get some warmer weather so I can start to learn the car.

Ive got a few niggles which are being resolved by the supplying dealer but nothing stopping me still enjoying the car.

now, when I bought the car I knew that one of the big big bills would be the front brakes. Ive read through some of the alternatives of solid discs and looked at shipping from America but nothing was ideal for me. mine will be good for a little while but I will be doing them the first part of next year.

I starteed doing some googling and I came across Reyland motorsport who say they can machine replacement discs and then I can remount to the bells. If true this looks amazing as the are only £295ish on the website. has anyone else looked at this as an option because it all looks good to me?? Even if any custom work brought the final cost in to £500ish it would still be a steal?

It would be really handy if someone has some old discs from a car that the measurements could be made from otherwise it'll make it a bit long winded taking the discs off and being off the road until the new ones appear. The website shows the necessery measurements required.

Any thoughts or has anyone looked into this before as I couldnt see any previous postings. Im hoping ive found something good here!!
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