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Well I guess I just became a victim of Depression. I drove 2 Mini Coopers loved them and went out and bought a Clubman S All 4 loved it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Modded it drove the heck out of it on them back roads with a big grin on my face. A year later every time I got into the car it depressed me can not explain it why. Reckon my brain out no answer how to explain it. :|:|

Last week I went out and went bonkers drove a 2019 black on black Tacoma and bought it.:surprise::surprise: Surprised myself that I liked it and bought it!!!

Can I explain it why NO!! I just know the car depressed me.... Well my Betty smart as she is pulled a great explanation out of her BUM. She thinks because when I found out that I got my Cancer Result I drove the car when I went in for treatment I drove the car when I went for follow ups I drove the car you get the drift. She thinks the car reminded me of very bad time in my Life and I needed a new start. Maybe she is right :grin::grin:

Well when I brought the Tacoma home my neighbors went WTH happen German?? Because they knew I had nothing but foreign cars in the driveway over the last 15 years.

Told them what my Betty thought...... it went the hood. Already installed the 1st mods and my Red Neck Neighbor is up to lift that Puppy. :laugh::laugh:

Just have to find the time to let Sarge put 1 of 3500+ waxy coats on.....

Hey Sarge next time you come to LAS VEGAS bring your mobile Wax Kit with you.... I am buying White Castle Burgers and give you a ride to the Cat,s Meow Pole Dancers Club if you wax my TRUCK.......:biglaugh::biglaugh::tu::tu:
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