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Dead Battery / Code / Other Issues

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Hello Everyone,

I have a quick question for you. I have a 2004 SLK 230 Kompressor that I have had for the past 11 years. I drive this car locally and it has very low miles (9000). Crazy.

A few weeks ago, I went to start the car and the battery was dead. No surprise as I have not driven the car in two months+. I went to the local MB dealership and purchased a new battery. Installed and everything working fine that day.

I went to drive it yesterday and it would not start. I noticed CODE on the radio then realized that this is more than likely a just entering the CODE and it will start. I ended the code and it started right up.

I drove about 10 minutes to a location and had lunch. Went to leave from lunch and the car would not start. When I turn the key all the way to the right,...not any noise. Like the car was Immobilized. Hmmmm. While I sat there for 30 minutes trying to figure this out, I noticed that it was VERY difficult to put the car in neutral too. After another 30 minutes of scratching my head, I figured I would give it one more try and it started right up. Hmmmm.

What possibly could be going on here? Did the computer need to reset after I entered the CODE? Is there something else I was supposed to do after I put in a new battery? Was there some sort of steps I was supposed to follow once the new battery was installed?

Looking forward to your comments. I have really enjoyed reading this forum as of late. Have a great Sunday everyone. Oh yeah,......Go Panthers !!!
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Could it be a sensor. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago.. Especially when you say the car started after 30 minutes. The engines cools off and then the sensor says it's ok to start.
Mine was the camshaft sensor.
I had a new battery too before the mechanic realized it was the sensor.
Wanted to add a few things:

I should also add that the headlights and radio had power, but I did notice that the glovebox light did not come on.

I am wondering if it was just a loose connection on the battery terminal or a Key issue. Still wondering.
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