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The look reminds me of the Ferrari 330 P4 that I had with my Carrera Slot Track.

The P72 has retro styling and keeps with tradition by including a manual sequential racing gearbox as well as analogue dials.

Italian sports-car company De Tomaso has been revived once again with the unveiling of a gasoline-only hypercar that references the brand's racing past.

The P72 was shown at the UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed on Thursday ahead of first deliveries planned in late 2020 or early 2021. The car will start from 750,000 euros ($841,000) and is limited to 72 examples.

De Tomaso was bought in 2015 by the Hong Kong-based company Ideal Team Ventures for just over 1 million euros following an earlier failed revival attempt that saw the owner arrested in Italy for misuse of public funds.

New owner Norman Choi (also known as Choi Sung-Fung) is a car collector who created the P72 to satisfy his own wishes as an enthusiast.

"The P72 combines classic design with modern engineering. This is the packaging I would much prefer to have," he told Automotive News Europe at Goodwood.
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